Maths Art 10


Mathematics lessons at school level in most cases are too abstract and traditional that demand rote learning for the memorization of facts, figures, and formulae without clear meaning and using them in some routine problems, has been an obstacle in student’s creativity, imagination and logical coherence. Maths art is a series of school maths carefully prepared and designed to help students learn maths playing with manipulatives to generalize mathematics facts, figure, formula and concepts by themselves. While they learn mathematics with Maths Art, they can Touch, Feel and See mathematics. The activities they do are Self-motivational Creative and Imaginative. Maths Art helps to concretize the abstract ideas and helps to visualize them. Maths Art in not a book but a practical Manual accompanied with all needed manipulative at the back side in the book.

Also Includes

  • Together with teachers.
  • Evaluation sheet
  • VIVA questions.
  • Glossary
  • Variations and additional practical activities in each practical.
  • Games, puzzles and just for fun activities.


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