Hello Kids Math LKG

Concept by : Rosy Lama

Writer: Diki Sherpa, Jasmine Rai, Romy Lama ,Sunita Viswakarma


The aim of our series is to introduce the importance of play and learn in the educational institutions in a child friendly environment. Play is a mean by which children externalize their inner nature and enhance their natural abilities. We also focus on the point that parents and kindergarten teachers understand child’s nature and stages of development. For that our series conduct Preschool Teachers Training program and Parent’s Orientation program on play way method. Happy kids pre-primary set includes:

Theme: The main objective of this theme book is to encourage the child to wonder, explore, ask question and learn. Through this theme based learning children can relate themselves to their everyday life, their homes, environment and community.

English: The content of this book focuses on building foundation for basic english that includes listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Math: This book will enhance the knowledge of number andPre-math. Through this book children will develop their spatial awareness and understand the different kinds of shapes around us.


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