Dedicated to the betterment of Nepal’s quality of education, Kantipur Education Development Council (KEDC) one of the leading publisher of educational materials for basic education was founded in 2002 (BS 2059).

KEDC’s precursor books, English in Practice, Delights and Hello Grammar, which helped jumpstart the growth in the field of graded teaching-learning system in Nepal has advanced and now leads to its new group of writers and book series. These new books bridge the gap between traditional print and digital content, harnessing technology to transform the way teachers teach and the way students learn.

The confidence towards KEDC as a premium publisher that educational institutions can trust on has further pushed KEDC to develop new series of text books as part of its ongoing commitment to bring forth the finest educational products to help shape a brighter future for Nepali students.

From English language, English Literature to Moral Development and well into Preschool and Kindergarten, KEDC made a lasting imprint in the minds of young students as it released several titles across major subject areas, bucking the prevailing trend in an industry dominated by Indian publishers.

KEDC believes that every student is unique and that every teacher has different needs. Our new books are crafted to tailor-fit the divergent needs of teachers and students, helping provide today’s Internet-generation with the competitive edge with which they could realize their full potential and achieve their goals.

Kantipur Education Development Council (KEDC) as founded in 2002 (BS 2059) by Subadra Shrestha and over the last fw years become a major contributor to the field of taching-learning system in Nepal. It is now known no only as a centre for research and development in education but also as a publication house o reckon with. But whatever it may be called, KEDC stands for richness in learning opportunities and a high level of professional practice in education.

We are indeed committed to bringing about positive changes in education and we are at it with relentless drive.